Starship Echelon Teaser Poster. Copyright, Scott Nakada 11-24-22

Title: Starship Echelon
Genre: Science Fiction
Projected Run Time: Approx. 1hr 40min
Copyright Registered. Scott Nakada 7/23/21
Development Status: Budget Procurement


"Lead by a reluctant former fleet officer, the combat weary crew of the Starship Echelon, must save humanity from a dying, frozen Earth and stop an alien race
bent on exterminating mankind while an insidious foe works from the inside to destroy them all."


Starship Echelon's characters have relatable dilemmas and flaws. The story is an intelligent, relevant, dramatic, action movie with notes of horror and suspense. While we journey to the stars we delve into ourselves, and we ask: What is it to be human? To be humane? Echelon's task; Do not let humanity slip into the crushing dark abyss of extinction, at the hands of our enemies, or at the hands of our allies.

Starship Echelon is the opening film to a franchisable Trilogy series with 2 spin off series planned.

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