What I Can Offer

Creativity. Execution. Completion. For your project. Industry. Film. The serious Collector


With you, we can work to flesh out Ideas and Concepts.


Visualizing through Conceptual art, and designing in 2D and 3D for your needs.

Corprotate Logos. Title Logos. Product and Packaging Design.
Prop Design. Wardrobe Design. 
Art Direction. Production Design.


I and others if necessary can take your project to the next level.

Prototyping. Practicle modeling or 3D printing. Molding. Casting. Parts Finishing. Garment Construction. Set building. Set Dressing. And more   


Your project can be filmed. Edited. Visual Effects added, and presented. The presentation can be done on the web. At trade shows presented privately. In the case of a film. I and a crew can help you complete your project. 

Costs and labor depend on what your project requires.

This is an amount from $35 per hour to $300 per workshop hour and up depending on number of peoples and materials required. 


1) Discuss. What is your vision for your project?
2) Design. 
3) Approve. Once you've given the "go"...
3) Build and Prototype.
4) Mold (If ncessary).
5) Cast and Build.
6) Deliver to you or to location.

Need Film work? Can do. 

You are invited to The Gallery to see a small sampling of past projects.   

Meet the Talent.

Da Man.

Scott Nakada

The principle artist. Multi-talented. 20+ years of experience, bringing visions, thoughts and ideas to reality.

Known for being an Artisan. Production Design. Logos. Prop Design, and Fabrication. Notably a pattern designer and prop maker for the former Roddenberry store.

See some of the more recent Films I've worked on here and me on IMDB.

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